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Choices, we all have them! Real Estate Blog Class 101

Overall, I’m cheap. Wait! Let me change that....Overall, I’m “frugal”. I like to save my money and invest it the best possible way that I can. These are choices that I have. And most of the time, these are choices that we all have. I can get a Starbucks Grande Pike Place with a splash of half and half and a stevia, or I can get a medium McCafe, or I can walk my tush into my kitchen and brew my own cup of joe. CHOICES.

But there are things in my life that I choose to pay more for. A few examples:

* Based on the fact that if I paint my own nails, they end up looking like a 3 year old was giving me a manicure...I choose to have my nails done professionally; versus doing them myself.

* Based on the fact that my cell phone is essential to the success of my business...I choose to pay for a wireless carrier that has coverage that I trust; versus a carrier that sounds too good to be true.

* Based on the fact that even though I have my hair colored/highlighted,...I choose to have it done by a professional that can make it look as though my highlights are as natural as possible; versus .....well you can imagine the opposite.

And when you are getting ready to sell your house, you, too, have choices. A home is quite often the biggest asset you own. And for most of us, getting the most money you can for your home is huge! But what comes with selling a home is an enormous amount of stress. Let’s just be real about that. You have to figure out how much stress you can absorb during the process without losing your mind. And you need to figure out if that brokerage that is offering you a reduced commission that sounds “too good to be true”, IS too good to be true. Will your house be sitting on the market with little to no activity with a brokerage that does minimal work for you be financially better for you than working with a team that goes above and beyond to help you sell your home because that’s what you are paying us to do? Again, you have choices and you need to decide.

Most of my blogs aren’t big commercials for my team. But this one is going to feel like it. I’m not about to apologize for that, though. It’s up to you if you want to continue reading or stop now. This is simply a “fair warning” that what you are about to read highlights just how amazing we are at working with our clients; because that’s the facts.

So some things to ponder and then COMMIT to:

1. If you want to sell your home and get top dollar, it needs to look great. The landscaping needs to be clean and well kept. The house needs to be clean and orderly. You need to get rid of clutter. Your pantry and closets need to look nice. Again....I am talking about selling your house for top dollar! I’m not saying that you won’t sell your house if you have mounds of garbage laying around and a backyard filled to the brim with “presents” from Fido. There may be a buyer out there who loves garbage and sincerely believes that Fido’s presents are the best fertilizer a guy could ask for! But I doubt that he’s going to give you the amount that is possible for you to get. But it’s YOUR choice. At Be The Reason Real Estate Group, we provide you with professional staging advice AND a professional organizer. You don’t pay for it, WE DO. These people will come in and provide some outstanding insightful and proven feedback on preparing to sell your home. We want to help eliminate the stress where and when we can.

Staging can transform a home!

2. If you want to sell your home and get top dollar, you need to have an amazing online presence. So what does that mean? It means you need to start with a beautiful photography package. I’ve already written a blog about how important pictures are when selling a home, so I’ll spare you the repeat. You also need beautiful floral arrangements to help make those pictures pop. But in addition to that, you need to have a realtor who advertises your home on the online real estate websites, FB, Twitter and Instagram. You need a realtor who advertises your home to other brokerages who have buyers that are currently looking in your area. You need a realtor who follows up with other realtors who have shown your property to a potential buyer and works hard to get feedback from them. You need a realtor who is available to you when you call or text with questions. At Be The Reason Real Estate Group, we provide you with professional floral arrangements for your photo shoot: and we pay for it! We also work with some of the best photographers in the metroplex to give your property the quality of pictures you deserve. And we pay for that, too! Lastly, we have a designated marketing a seriously-legit-expert-with-a- masters-degree-in-marketing...focus on getting your house in front of buyers! And we pay for that, too! We want to help eliminate the stress where and when we can.

Fresh flowers make our photos pop!

3. Lastly, you need a real estate agent who will partner with you while working for you. Do you know who is moving into your neighborhood and where they are coming from? Do you have the time to research that so you can create an effective marketing strategy? Do you know large employers moving into the area so you can reach out to their HR departments regarding employees that may be interested in your home moving in from out- of-town? Do you have the time to make those connections? Do you have a realtor who is sharing information with you about what similar homes have sold for in your neighborhood, making suggestions to you about possible list prices, and listening to you about what you need financially? Do you have a realtor who is willing to think outside the box with the best way to get your home sold without it costing you? We recently used a “frog” in our pictures while advertising a new listing on a street called “Lilypad” that had five other homes for sale on the same block. We didn’t want any “gimmick” with the launch of this listing, but we did want this beautiful house to stand out amongst the other beautiful homes that were listed. We were under contract within 16 days! At Be The Reason Real Estate Group, we don’t just work with you; we know that we work FOR you. Our goal is to sell your home as fast as possible and for the highest possible amount. And for us to do that, we need to work hard and work smart. We need to look at each listing as a unique opportunity. We work as a team to create a plan for you. And we communicate with you throughout the entire process. We want to help eliminate the stress where and when we can.

We get creative when trying to sell your home!

The morale of this blog is this: you get what you pay for. And you have choices. Many people believe that when an agent sells your home, they stick a sign in the yard and they MIGHT attempt a few negotiations if you get an offer. But I’m here to let you know that when we say we focus on customer service, we mean we focus on customer service. We offer our clients an amazing partnership when selling your home and we don’t charge you for any of these services. We pay for all of these services from our commission when we sell your home. And we WILL work hard to sell your home. So what are these items worth to you?

Be The Reason Real Estate Group takes pride in helping our clients. If you want to experience what that looks like, give us a call. We are more than happy to help. While I may be a “frugal” individual, I know that being a fantastic steward of your money is a tremendous responsibility that our team doesn’t take lightly. So you decide if it makes sense to use a professional real estate expert to work with when selling your largest asset....or go for the cheapest, I mean “frugal” option.

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