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Don’t Let That Paint Stop You Class 101

Most people have had at least one bad hair day. I, on the other hand, have had many bad hair years! My kindergarten school picture is just ONE object of proof among hundreds of more examples. However, thank the good Lord but my hair doesn’t define me. Between scissors, color, Biotin, wigs....I have options, people!

So let’s get real about paint color in houses: we have options, people! And paint color doesn’t define a house that you could potentially buy. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different paint colors at the local hardware store. There are professional painters, there are amazing paint treatments, and there are fantastic options now for wallpaper. You can do it yourself or you can hire someone else. It can be a process that takes months to complete or it can be a process that could be done much faster.

So why is it that you walk into a house and immediately scratch it off your list as a possibility because you don’t like the weird turquoise color in the teenage girls room? This house has the floor plan you’ve been wishing and waiting for! For crying out loud, it even has the doggie door for Max that you thought you would never find. But no.....the house isn’t a possibility for you and you need to keep looking because of that nasty paint color in one of the secondary bedrooms.

This is where your realtor....if they truly care about you and want to help you on this journey of finding a home....looks you in the eye and loving says, “lets talk”.

I have been in some houses that had horrific paint treatment. I was recently in one where the paint color had to have been named “Silence of the Lambs Red” in the living room with a “Hannibal Lecter Gray” in the kitchen. And both rooms stuck with the horror theme for their design style/furnishings/accessories. But you know what? The house itself and the location it was in was fantastic for my buyers. We had to force ourselves to do our best to visualize the house empty of the weird stuff and with new fresh paint. Once we did that, we saw amazing possibilities!

So takeaways for you to ponder....and then COMMIT to:

* Before you start the adventure of house hunting, make a list of the core items on your wish list. These should include things like location, floor plan, tax rate, school district, to name a few.

* After list one is complete, sit down and make a second list of items you’ll see that can easily be changed. These should include things like furnishings, lighting fixtures, PAINT COLOR, wallpaper, weeds growing by the back fence, the wasp nest by the mailbox, to name a few.

* Spend some time on the internet looking at before-and-after pictures of interior paint. If you are someone that has a hard time visualizing a space to look completely different, training your eye in this way can help immensely.

* Start asking your realtor and your family/friends for painter referrals. Don’t write it off as an option (unless you love DIY projects) if you don’t even have a ballpark on what it may cost you.

Be The Reason Real Estate Group takes pride in helping our clients. If you want to experience what that looks like, give us a call. We are more than happy to help. And sometimes we need to give reminders to our clients to not judge a book by it’s cover, don’t judge a house by its paint color, and don’t judge one another by a bad hair day!

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Paint is an easy and inexpensive fix. Do not let someone's poor color sense detour you from purchasing a home that fits your wish list.

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