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Inspections are Crazy Important Blog Class 101

Most of the big things in my life require a little bit of homework before I truly allow them access to my life. For instance, when I was in my 20’s and beginning to embark on a career; before I applied for jobs I would do a little research on the company I thought I might be interested in working for. This was before the internet, people. So research was actually RESEARCH. It was far more than typing the name of a company into Google. But if I was potentially going to work for this company, I wanted to know if they were legit.

When I’m interested in buying a car, I like to take it for a test drive. I also like to get as much data as I can around the performance of the car. If I’m going to potentially purchase that car, I’d like to make sure that I’m aware if their crash rating is the worst in the industry, right?!?!

When I met my husband, we went on many dates before we got engaged. I needed to figure out what he was truly like before committing the rest of my life with him. If I was going to grow old with this guy, I needed to make sure that he had a really good sense of humor, didn’t I?

So let’s all agree that doing our homework can be an incredibly valuable experience. And when we DON’T, it can be an insanely painful one.

So where am I going with this blog? INSPECTIONS!

Oh love the white picket fence in the beautifully landscaped yard. You love the smell of fresh baked cookies in the kitchen. And if you’re in Texas, you may even love the 31 wooden and wrought iron crosses hanging on the wall in the dining room. But it is essential that once you get under contract with that “dream home”; you get an inspection completed. I mean it when I say that this could very well be the most important and valuable money you spend in the entire home-buying process! And in real estate, the old saying “what you don’t know can’t hurt you” is an enormous lie.

So things to ponder and COMMIT to:

1) Hire a reputable inspector to complete the inspection on the property. Ask your realtor for referrals. If you have a friend who has recently purchased a home, ask them who they used as an inspector and if it was a good experience. If your friend happens to have severe OCD or doesn’t like to give anyone a compliment, even better!!! The more detailed and thorough an inspector is, the better! And if your crabby-patty friend says good things about the inspector they used, chances are you might want to check them out.

2) Really wrap your head around what an inspectors job truly is. A great inspector is a professional that knows enough about a property to be able to diagnose that there is a problem or could potentially be a problem with a specific area of focus. HOWEVER...(and that’s a big, fat “however”)...a great inspector is not a professional who can identify the root cause of each problem found along with how to fix the problem. That is when you need a specific expert in that particular field (plumbing, electric, HVAC, roofing, etc.,...).

3) Inspectors are paid to find things that are wrong with a property. And whether your potential property is one week old or 47 years old, they WILL find things to point out that need attention. It is your job to work with your realtor and figure out what items are significant and what items aren’t in order to move forward with purchasing the home. If the inspector gives you a report that has 26 items on it ranging from a doorknob that needs to be tightened to a leak in the roof, you need to know now that if you submit all 26 items to the seller asking for them to fix each of them; that seller may easily say “no way” and decide not to fix one! This is what is frequently referred to as an “unreasonable buyer”. If you want a home in as close to perfect shape as possible, you should consider new construction, not a pre-owned home. But again, these are conversations that you need to have with your realtor beforehand.

Be The Reason Real Estate Group takes pride in helping our clients. If you want to experience what that looks like, give us a call. We are more than happy to help. While buying a house can be incredibly exciting, it can also be nerve-racking. Having a realtor who guides you through the process and educates you on the importance of things like an inspection is absolutely essential to making your experience as good as possible. So you decide if it makes sense to work with a realtor who takes the time to explain the process to you and who tirelessly works with you to protect your investment.

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