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Real Estate for Cat Lovers in a Cat Haters World Class 101

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

No matter your political preferences, being politically correct is important: unless you are a cat hater. Cat haters wear their hatred with pride. They throw being politically correct to felines out the window. Oh sure....some folks have allergies to cats. Some folks can’t stand the concept of a litter box. Other people have extremely sensitive gag reflexes when it comes to hair balls. But here’s the deal, people: selling your house is a business transaction. You need to get the most money possible for your investment. So treat it as a business transaction and don’t get all wigged out or offended when your realtor talks to you about your cat. Your realtor is actually trying to help you out.

So what are some effective things you can do to sell your cat inhabited home?

1) Get real about the extent of your cat love and do your best to outwardly minimize it. If you have a “cat tree” or “cat jungle gym” in each bedroom, the family room and next to the kitchen table; scale it back to ONE during the timeframe your house is on the market. Your cat won’t be permanently scarred from this. Go ahead and explain to your cat that you are “just putting them away and they will get to play with them at the new house.” Seriously... the cat will understand.

2) If you have a piece of “cat art” in each room, take it down. You may find that extremely attractive; but potential buyers will start focusing on THAT instead of the amazing floorplan, or backyard, or new hardwood floors, (you get the gist). Hide it.

3) Most houses don’t have a toilet sitting in the middle of the laundry room, kitchen, or bedroom. Most sellers also have flushed toilets when their house is being shown. So Dear Cat Lover; if you truly want to sell your house you need to be discreet about the location of the litter box and you need to clean it out daily. Is it somewhat brilliant that cats are animals that even know how to use a litter box: yes! But you should still strategically locate it when selling your home.

4) Have your realtor put a comment in the listing for the realtors who are showing the property to buyers. The comment should state that there is currently a cat at that location in case any of their clients have allergies and that the sellers are willing to steam clean the carpets prior to the buyers moving in. Know what this shows potential buyers: consideration. It shows consideration. It doesn’t mean you are “selling out” your “#1 Cat Lover” status. It just means you are being considerate.

So take-aways for you to ponder...and then COMMIT to:

1) Scale back on all the cat paraphernalia.

2) Find a discreet place (and make sure Felix knows where it is) for the little box and clean that

bad boy out daily.

3) Have your realtor be upfront, honest and proactive about your cat status.

Be The Reason Real Estate Group takes pride in our work with cat lovers. If you want to experience what that looks like, give us a call. Our number one priority is focusing on giving you the best client/customer service experience you’ve ever had. Our second priority is to be a “shark”...a “nice shark”... when it comes to negotiating on your behalf. Call us today. We are more than happy to help.

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