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Will this house be easy to resell? Real Estate Class 101

There are some highly annoying questions I’ve experienced in my life. Let me start with when I was kid hearing “say you’re sorry” from one of my parents during most of my waking hours. What if I WASN’T sorry? Do you really want me to lie?

Move on to high school and the question, “did you do all of your homework” also turned my stomach. I hated that question.

Then I became a parent and the quintessential annoying question of all time became part of my life, “Are we there yet?” I swear that one of my cars had a dent in the top of the steering wheel where I would bang my head while driving once my boys would start in on that question. I hate that question.

But as a realtor, I have a question that I’m fairly confident can be rather annoying to my buyers; but I’m even more confident that those same buyers are going to ultimately thank me for these annoying little words. The question is this: “Will this house be easy to resell? Other than yourself, would someone else want to buy this home?”

When you are looking for a house, you have all sorts of stars in your eyes when you find a property that resonates with you. But the real question is: will it resonate with anyone else when you want to sell? On average, a buyer will keep a house for six years. You might fall in line with that timeframe, or you might stay for a shorter or longer period of time. But what is essential is that when you are ready to list your house, it will be attractive to other people. And THIS is where your realtor comes into play.

So things for you to ponder and COMMIT to:

1) If you’ve been looking at homes for a while and your realtor hasn’t asked you the question yet about “will this house be easy to resell”...then I suggest you strongly consider having a serious talk with your realtor or hire a new one. A realtor’s job is to be your advocate. We do our best to help you think of things you don’t normally consider. This may be your emotional experience, but it’s our business! Most buyers aren’t thinking about reselling the house they are considering purchasing. But your realtor must keep it real when you see a home you really want. Yes: you are the client and most of the time your realtor will follow your direction. After all, we work for you. But as the expert, you need to listen to their direction on the ability to resell the homes you are looking at.

2) Carefully consider what it is that you are looking for with a house. Do the “bones” of the house need certain characteristics for you to be happy? Or can you decorate a home to give it the vibe you want while you live there? I recently had a listing in a new neighborhood. All of the houses were built with a similar aesthetic elevation. But here’s the deal: this client loved mid-century modern decor. When I walked into that home, I was blown away at how cool it was! It’s rural/suburban Texas, people. Mid-century modern isn’t a “thing” in these here parts! And I’m willing to bet that the folks who bought the house don’t have it decorated with mid-century modern furnishings and art. But the point is this, my clients were able to make their brand-new traditional Texas home into the style that they like which is unique to them. But they were able to resell it because that style only impacted the furnishings, not the “bones” of that house.

3) Start considering the question when you look at homes online “would this house be able to resell”? Train your brain to see homes with your stuff in them. And train your brain to see homes as other folks would see them, too. Those “other folks” may be buyers when you are ready to sell. Remember, buying a house can be an emotional experience. But more than anything, it’s an investment. And my goal as a realtor is for you to make a wise investment.

Be The Reason Real Estate Group takes pride in helping our clients. If you want to experience what that looks like, give us a call. We are more than happy to help. And while you may not love hearing the broken record “will this house be able to resell”, I promise you’ll end up thanking me for that when you list your home and get multiple offers!

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